If you are thinking about the perfect travel destination for you and your family, Rhode Island is ideal for offering excellent experience and pleasant memories. Rhode Island is officially referred to as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The state is nicknamed The Ocean State, and it is the destination for several tourists that choose to visit the U.S. smallest states.

Where Is Rhode Island Located?

Rhode Island is located in the New England region of the United States. The state shares a boundary with Massachusetts on both north and east and bordered by Connecticut on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the south. Covering 3,144 km square (1,214 square miles), Rhode Island results from the amalgamation of four Colonial settlements with about 14 percent of the total area comprising large bags and inlets.

What is Rhode Island’s Population?

Although Rhode Island is among the United States’ smallest states, it is the second most densely populated but seventh least populous state in the United States. According to the Census Bureau data in 2019, a total number of 1,059,361 people reside in Rhode Island, making the state the 45th populous state in the United States.

Rhode Island has the five largest ethnic groups, which include White (Hispanic – 9.25%), White (Non-Hispanic – 71.4%), African or Black American (Non-Hispanic – 5.83%), Asian (Non-Hispanic – 3.35%), and Other (Hispanic – 4.81%). However, 94.8% of residents are U.S. citizens, while about 21.7% speak a non-English language.

What is the Median Income in Rhode Island?

According to the statistics available, Rhode Island is the 16th state with the highest median household income of $64,340. The state has a median property value of $273,800, with an average of two cars per household.

What are the Important Landmarks in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has several historical landmarks in the history of the United States. There are no fewer than 45 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in Rhode Island. Consequently, it would be a great idea to see some of these remarkable landmarks when you visit Rhode Island. Some of the essential landmarks in Rhode Island include the following:

  1. Rhode Island State House

This building explains the significance of Ocean State politics. It was built in 1895 from Georgian marble. The State House houses the Colonial Charter of 1663 in its museum.

  1. Fort Adams, Newport

The fort was named after John Adams in 1799, as he was President when the fort was built. The fort was actively used from the War of 1812 to WWII. The fort was released to the state of Rhode Island in 1965, and it became part of Fort Adams State Park.

  1. Touro Synagogue, Newport

Touro was built in 1763, and it was the first Jewish synagogue in America. The congregation of the synagogue participated in making the United States Constitution protect religious freedom.

  1. First Baptist Church, Providence

This is the first Baptist church in America. Although the first congregation gathered there in 1968, it was not until 1775 that its construction was completed.

  1. Fort Barton, Tiverton

Fort Barton was used to launch ships during the Revolutionary War – Battle of Rhode Island in 1778. The earthworks area is still visible at the location till today.

  1. Jamestown Windmill, Jamestown

Jamestown Windmill reveals the significance of Rhode Island’s agricultural past. The windmill was built in 1787 to grind corn. It remained operational until 1896.

Where are Rhode Island’s Tourists’ Hot-spots?

Rhode Island has several tourist destinations in addition to some of the landmarks mentioned above. What the state lacks in size is richly compensated for in cultural significance and natural beauty. From its pristine beaches to seafaring activities, fresh seafood, diverse outdoor activities, and hot-air ballooning, you can never have a dull moment visiting the state.

If you plan to visit Rhode Island soon, here are some of the tourist hot-spots in Rhode Island:

  1. Water-fire, Providence – where three rivers meet
  2. The Breakers
  3. Rhode Island School of Design and Museum. Mohegan Bluffs
  4. Cliff Walk
  5. Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark
  6. Narragansett Town Beach
  7. Benefits Street Mile of History
  8. East Bay Bike Path
  9. Flying Horse Carousel

Why Would You Travel to Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is a fantastic place to be. From location to landmarks and historical sites, Rhode Island offers various tourist attractions and destinations spread across its five counties. The history of Rhode Island and several attractions pointing to the state’s political significance to the United States are some of the reasons you should travel to Rhode Island